Installing Winamp Skins
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To download skins - Click on download - A window will open up on your computer showing the folders on your computer. 

Click on "C Local Disk" - Go to Program Files - Go to Winamp - Click on skins folder - download the skin into this folder. 

You will need a zip/unzipping utility to open up the skin file....may I suggest Winzip

If you have the latest version winamp 5 and up you will not need to unzip the file.  Once you have placed the file in your skins folders open up you Winamp player. 

Right click on player - a window will open up - click on skins.   There you will see all the skins that are in your "skins" directory.  Choose the one you want to use - that's it!  Thank you for choosing our skins.   I hope you enjoy them!

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