Terms For Using On Your Website

Judy and Jerry's Place~~Free Skins~~

Please Do not add to any collection, on or off the web, without my permission.  They are not to be added to any site or other means (including CD's) that you would receive money or compensation. 

You may use them on your website if  you provide a link back to my site
( https://members.tripod.com/~jjhorn/skins.htm ) and you DO NOT credit yourself with creating them. 

All skins must be offered, on your site, in their orginal zip format with all files, including our copyright that is enclosed in zip file.
Please limit  5 skins offered on your site at any one time.
I don't mind if you rotate them, but please keep the limit to any 5 at one time.  If you find something you like thank you for using them!  It is time consuming, and I enjoy creating them for others, but please respect our copyright.

Thank you!!

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